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October 23 2017

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“Where’s Olive?”

October 09 2017

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#this scene is already the most iconic scene of 2017 and 2018



A reminder that turning in assignments for partial credit is better than not turning them in at all. It is. Even if you think you’ve done a bad job and are ashamed of your work, or it’s way overdue, you take whatever you can get. Partial credit dramatically improves your grade over a zero, and I’m always astounded by how often even the smartest kids don’t really comprehend that. 60% is worlds better than 0%. Even 10% is going to help you. Letter grades are misleading and are not created equal. “F"s are mathematically valuable. Turn that late assignment in.

This goes for so many things in life tbh.

Can’t pay the full amount you owe on a bill? Pay as much as you can each month. Most places just wanna know you’re making a good faith effort. You can usually even call and ask for a smaller minimum monthly payment plan until you catch up, so that maybe you won’t be getting late fees added on to your balance. It’s worth calling to see. 

Third time you’ve had to reschedule that doctor’s appointment? Oh well. Your doc probably just wants to make sure you make it in to their office at all. Keep trying.

Half-assing is always better than no-assing folks. I know lots of us are anxiety-ridden perfectionists and it feels like if we can’t do everything exactly right on the first try we just shouldn’t bother. But that’s not true. 

My mom likes to say “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” to emphasize that it’s okay to enjoy doing things even if you’re not good at them. The point is doing them. Make that shitty art project that makes you happy. Learn that new skill even if you suck at it at first. Make it to under half of the events of that club or organization you want to be a part of but can’t fully commit to. It’s okay. You don’t have to do it perfectly to do it at all. 



Source: https://twitter.com/JustinRoiland/status/917145891852623873

Just glad that Rick and Morty had no involvement in this incident. And that Justin added to be nice to their employees. They truly desire better. 

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potato king

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October 08 2017


me: *scares myself to the point where I can’t even function because of the anxiety I have created over a situation*

the situation: *works out fine*

me: oh

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The fact I have to pay a parking ticket when the single handicapped space in the lot was taken so I parked next to the space with my placard up and they still ticketed me is really irritating. I’ve been parking in the handicapped space next to it with three years with no problem but one spot over when the handicapped spot is taken and I’m ticketed. It’s the principle of it all. Why am I punished because they lack accessibility?!


people who can’t pull off crop tops:

  • superheroes who wear their superhero disguise under their clothes

people who can pull off crop tops:

  • everyone else
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No one puts drugs in kid’s halloween candy.  Especially not expensive drugs. 

Here’s the snopes article and stop tagging me in that post. 

Fun fact: you want to know where the whole “poison Halloween candy” bs comes from?

In 1984 Ronald Clark O'Bryan gave his son, daughter and some of their friends cynide laced Pixy Stix (he was intending to poison his own children and gave it to the friends to cover his tracks). When his son ate one and died, O'Bryan told police they’d gotten the candy from a suspicious-looking neighbor. Turns out O'Bryan did it for life insurance money.

Here’s the wiki article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Clark_O'Bryan

There are 0 reported cases of children being poisoned or given drugs by strangers in their Halloween candy. However kids, you are 100% more likely to be poisoned by your parents. Happy Halloween.



I saw the greatest thing today.  So I’m at a stoplight in the passenger seat, right?  And I hear hoofbeats nearby.  I look over and there’s a lady walking her horse. We’re close enough to be in talking distance and this horse is incredibly happy.  Her ears are pricked forward and she’s JUST SO DELIGHTED TO SEE EVERYTHING.

“I like your big dog!” I said.

“Thanks!  She’s an asshole!” she said, and the horse headbutted her so hard she staggered. SHE JUST LOVES THIS HORSE SO MUCH, GUYS, she laughed and patted her nose.




As long as we’re doing that thing where we capitalize words to mean other words, I hereby propose ‘abled mothers vs Abled Mothers’. If only to help my one friend who apparently has a good relationship with their abled parents.

I shall elaborate now:

abled mothers: Exist as a parental unit in their disabled child’s life.

Abled Mothers: Slam their ½ fat chai mocha latte with no whip onto the table before flipping the table over after Mrs. Teacher refused to call her 17 year old son differently-abled.

This may be confusing so I’ll add another example:

abled mothers: Exist as a parental unit in their disabled child’s life.

Abled Mothers: Post a photo montage of their wide-eyed disabled child eating cereal while Arms of an Angel plays in the background, complete with the caption, 1 Like = 1 Prayer

Have another example for clarification:

abled mothers: Exist as a parental unit in their disabled child’s life.

Abled Mothers: Write a bestselling novel on how hard their life was when raising their disabled child and how they got through with minimal eye-bags, a true inspiration, a hero for all.

I hope this clarifies things. Feel free to use Abled Fathers or Abled Parents as well. You can consider the above term to be a Freudian slip and an unabashed one at that. 

If I know Abled Mothers (and/or Abled Fathers) then Abled Mothers are the exact type of people to get mad at the capitalization of Abled Mothers which makes Abled Mothers all the more hilarious to me. 

Of course!

I know I’m speaking for the OP but you should always share posts about disability that are written by people with disabilities

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Elsa drops to her knees, emotionally broken. And with that, the swirling storm suddenly stops. The snow freezes mid-air, hangs suspended, trapped in grief. {x}

requested by anonymous

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“Hela is the first female villain that we’ve had in a Marvel film and Cate has destroyed the idea of your typical villain.” Taika Waititi

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Why men will never understand what it’s like to be female, in one perfect tweet

Brie Larson: I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for me phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.

Amelia Ghoulpin: I once had a TSA agent tell, me he was memorising my address on my ID so he could send me flowers.

Nodogbite: Oh no, not flowers. How awful.

Amelia Ghoulpin: Men like this think flowers are the problem and conveniently skip over the part where a stranger in a position of power is taking my address.

Nodogbite: Now let’s watch how many women (and other genders) agree with me

Amelia Ghoulpin: Then you’ll have no problem proving your point by sending your address over

Nodogbite: Are you threatening me with violence?


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Lorna Dane + powers

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